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Recent News

MiKTeX Thai Extensions 0.3.5 13-Mar-06
Update ThaiLatex to 0.3.5
Noted that this release is not compatible with MikTex 2.5 and 2.6.
Please consult http://physics3.sut.ac.th/miktexthai.html for manual installation.

MiKTeX Thai Extensions 0.3.4 13-Jan-05
Update ThaiLatex to 0.3.4
Noted that this version contain a bug with norasi-font.

MiKTeX Thai Extensions 0.3.2 06-Apr-04
Update ThaiLatex to 0.3.2
Changed version number to be compatible with thailatex.

MiKTeX Thai Extensions 0.15 03-Sep-03
Update ThaiLatex to cvs20030903.

MiKTeX Thai Extensions 0.14 17-Apr-03
Improve uninstall and install script.
Add SWATH and TLaTex to the package.

MiKTeX Thai Extensions 0.13 20-Mar-03
sync with thailatex 0.2.99

Thai Latex User Group 10-Mar-03
Today, I have created thai-latex-user-group mailing-list at yahoo groups. Everybody is welcome to join this mailing-list.

MiKTeX Thai Extension 0.12 10-Mar-03
Fixing bug with MiKTeX 2.2.
Remove backward compatability.
Update filename database automatically.

MiKTeX Thai Extension 0.11 1-Mar-03
After spending one month doing senior project, now the new installer is completed! This release work with all MiKTeX version. Any bug and suggestion is welcome.

Problem on MiKTeX 2.2 1-Feb-03
Since the font map file maintenance procedure of miktex has changed (details), so the old installer cannot config miktex correctly. I'm now working on new installer system which will be avialble in fews day.

MiKTeX Thai Extension 0.10 11-Dec-02
A new version of MiKTeX Thai Extensions has been uploaded to the package repository. The new version makes it possible to uninstall MiKTeX Thai Extension from installed system.

Project website is now completed!! 10-Dec-02
MiKTeX Thai Extension Project Page is now completed! It's structure and theme are copy from MiKTeX Project Page.